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Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls / Reciclando tubos de papel

  Inspired by:  The How to Gal Suzy's Sitcom My Version:

Frida Kalho Maquillaje y Peinado

Productos por orden que aparecieron: *MAC Prep and Prime * Base Secret Agent de BeautiControl N4 * Polvo compacto Perfecting Wet/Dry N4 * Delineador negro de Rimmel * Rubor Smashbox Split/Second * Rubor Ulta Fame *Labial Rimmel 180 Jet Set Red *Labial Revlon 330 Smoothest Wine Brochas: Besos!

Bahamas Cruise * Outfit of the Day special *

1st Night in the Cruise  Hi everyone, as some of you might know I went on a 4 day cruise about a month ago to the Bahamas. And since it was my first time cruising I was very hesitant on what to bring to wear, but after talking to some friends that had experience on cruises, I just ended up packing lots of casual dresses and a pair of shorts for the entire trip, no jeans or nothing heavy, with out forgetting a pair of heels for the Captain's Dinner. Here is a little recap of my outfits, thanks to my wonderful mother who took my pictures. Let me know in the comments if you have ever been on a cruise and how did you like it?  ____________________________________ Hola a todos, como algunos de ustedes sabrán, hace poco estuve en un crucero destino Bahamas.   Y como era la primera vez que iba a un crucero, no estaba segura   de que tanta ropa llevarme o qué tipo de ropa escoger. Pero después de hablar con una par de amigos que ya habían viajado en crucero, termine empacando un m

Ralph Lauren for Less!

Hello my loves, today I bring you the Outfit of the Day. But first I have to confess that I considered closing this blog for a second. Thankfully I have wonderful supporters and I completely changed my mind. I think I was too worried about what to write and always found myself deleting stuff. From now on I want it to be more "me", improvised and fun! Anyhow about the outfit: I wore it on a random weekend last month doing errands with my  fiancé , the cool thing about it is that the shirt I wore is a "Ralph Lauren" shirt I found for $3.99 at a Goodwill store . How awesome its that? I'm in love with this shirt I don't know why? Its feminine and manly at the same time and I have paired it with different outfits since... Check this one out! ____________________________________ Hola mis amores, hoy les vengo con un Look del día. Pero primero les tengo contar que estuve contemplando cerrar el Blog por un tiempito, pero como ven gracias a muchas lindas persona

Top 5: Polvos de Rostro (Video)