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Maybelline Great Lash ♥ Lots of Lashes ♥

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes!  After reading the review and all the positive tweets from my fellow blogger "Clumps of Mascara" ( pretty much the Queen of Mascaras) I decided it was time to purchase and try this product: of course I'm talking about Maybelline's Great Lash "Lots of Lashes". I have to say that prior to my purchase I was very hesitant given that I've read and seen many reviews about Maybelline's Great Lash (original) and I was never a big fan of that mascara, so I didn't have high expectations. To my surprise this mascara impressed me since the first time I used it. I didn't have to wait for the mascara to get a bit dry and I didn't have to have a lot of patience with the brush, the mascara worked immediately and I loved it! _______________________________ Después de leer  el artículo y todos los tweets  positivos de la Bloguera “Clump of Mascara” ( la reina de las mascaras sin duda)  decidí que era

After Valentine Dinner Out!

Hi Everyone! My fiancee and I decided to do Valentines the day after, we figured the chocolate would be half off and restaurants would not be packed with people. So that night we went out to a restaurant that he has been wanting me to try and to our surprise the wait time was one hour! By this time I was pretty hungry so I told him to take me to one of my favorites restaurants "Olive Garden" he laughs and said that I was the best, since any other girl would have wanted to go a fancier place than that. <3 <3 <3  How was your Valentine's Day!?  ________________________________ Hola a todos! Mi novio y yo decidimos celebrar San Valentín un día después, pensamos que era mejor ya que los chocolates están a mitad de precio y los restaurants no están tan llenos. Entonces esa noche fuimos a un restaurante que mi novio me había querido llevar desde hace tiempo y para nuestra sorpresa la espera era de una hora! Casi me muero ya que para este momento tenia muc

How to Depot an Urban Decay Book of Shadows

Urban Decay - Book of Shadows  Hi everyone! A while back I show you my Urban Decay collection (Click here) which included this beautiful Book of Shadows.  Unfortunately  I barely used the colors because of how bulky and  inconvenient  this packaging is. The opening and closing was  difficult  and you can really take it anywhere, so to  finally  end this torture I decided to depot it! I know, I know its such a pretty box, but I had it, I want to use my shadows more often!  Thanks to the Magic of Youtube , I found  several  ways to do it (Video) below I show you the steps I took to depot my Urban Decay Book of Shadows, plus the result of my hard work ! Enjoy.   ______________________________________________ Spanish Hola a todos! Hace tiempo les hable  de  mi colección de sombras de Urban Decay   (Click aqui)  entre ellas la estaba la Book of Shadows original. Lamentablemente casi no la  uso por lo grande e inconveniente que es, pero con el fin de acabar con la tortura q

Review: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Loose Bronzing Veil

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. :-) Today I'm reviewing the Physicians Formula: Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Loose Bronzing Veil.  I saw this product at CVS with a 75% off discount and decided to try it out. Here are my thoughts: PROS: * Beautiful glowing powder with a nice luminosity. Provide a touch of color with out a lot of pigment for a natural look. * Despite having some gold shimmer, with a light application it can make you face look radiant. CONS: * Packaging is defective!!!! The product is supposed to come out to the brush after you turn the dial, but for much that I try it did not work. This a total disappointment, I was so frustrated that I ended up getting the product out from underneath and transferring it to a little jar. (see pic below) * Price is $14.95 which even though is standard for Physician Formula products, I still think is a little high. My conclusion is that this is a good powder with a beautiful finish, and the fa