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My weekend Nails: Bettina with Del Sol polishes!

Del Sol: On Fire - Bettina: Sherbet I'm spending my weekend with Bettina Sherbet and Del Sol: On fire as my nail polishes. These awesome bright and summery colors are completely new to me and they are totally impressing me. I'm liking their color,  consistency,  pigmentation  and durability. Below I will show you  swatches  and my opinions. ______________________ Pasando mi fin de semana con Bettina y  Del Sol, unas pinturas de uñas brillantes y súper veraniegas!  Es la primera vez que trato estas marcas y tengo que decirles que quede impresionada con las dos. No solo por sus colores pero por su consistencia, pigmentación y durabilidad. Debajo les dejo los swatches y opiniones.  Del Sol: On Fire  :  It's an orange and silver glitter polish. It's a small glitter that only takes one or two layers to cover the whole nail. The before and after sun color is pretty similar only changing from a light orange to a darker one. Es una brillantina color

7 Deadly Sins Beauty Tag- 7 Pecados Capitales de la Belleza

Quick post: I was TAG by a friend on Youtube to do the 7 Deadly Sins Beauty Tag. It was pretty fun and silly to do, and I will love for you to do it as well!   I TAG everyone to do it. If you do leave me a video response in my video on  YouTube  or make a Blog post answering the question and leave your link bellow. Enjoy!  Questions: Greed:  -What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive? Wrath:  -What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? -What product has been the hardest to get? Gluttony:  -What are your most delicious beauty products? Sloth: -What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness? Pride:  -What beauty product gives you the most self confidence? Lust:  -What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? Envy: -What items would you most like to receive as a gift? _________________________________________ Español:  Hola! hoy les vengo con una entrada cortica! Mi amiga Zinahyd de   YouTube

MILANI Powder Eyeshadow Palette in Abstract

English: Hi everyone, as seen on this previous Haul  here is the MILANI powder eyeshadow palette in: 03 Abstract.  When I saw this palette for the  first  time, I  thought  it was a mineral bronzer or face powder, but then reading the label I noticed it was actually an eyeshadow palette. The packaging, even  though  a bit weird and  unusual , I found it pretty compact and  convenient. With a nice combination on neutral colors, this palette contains different shades of browns, gold, shimmery light pink and the perfect matte ivory that can be used for highlighting. Bellow are swatches, a review and a look on which I use the palette. ____________________________ Spanish: Hola a todos! Como ya visto en este Haul hoy les traigo la paleta de sombras de MILANI en 03 Abstract. A primera viste pensé que era un bronceador mineral o un polvo de cara, pero ya al leer la etiqueta me di cuenta que era una paleta de sombras de ojo. La presentación me pareció un poco rara e inu

Hidden Treasure * Winter Outfits *

Looking through my computer I discovered some photos that I never got the chance to show you.  All  of them are outfits that I wore in the Winter season. Even though it's about to be Summer here in Florida, there's always some place on Earth that it's colder! Enjoy! ___________________________________ Mirando diferentes  carpetas de mi computadora encontré estas fotos que nunca les mostré antes. Todas son de diferentes Outfits de moda de invierno, y a pesar que aquí en la Florida ya esta haciendo calor y viene el verano siempre hay otro lugar en el mundo donde esta haciendo frio! Disfrútenlas!  Sweater: Forever 21 Skirt: Target (old)  Tights: Target Jacket and Boots: Old ( Seen here/vistas aqui ) * This outfit is similar to ( This One ) but with some added touches.  * Este look es similar a (Este aqui ) pero con diferentes piezas adicionales.  Dress: Forever21 Tights: Target Boots: Old (Also seen here/vistas tambien aqui)

Taking care of your Cream - Gel Eyeliners

Dry Eyeliners English: Hello! This past week I spent my time cleaning, organizing and remodeling my home office/studio. During this time, I found all of these cream and gel eyeliners that were completely dried up, even some that I had never used. In my ongoing search to find the perfect gel eyeliner, these little guys died during their quest to fulfill my eyeliner needs. Poor guys. As a result, here are some things I learned when it comes to eyeliners: Don't buy more than one product of the same color Immediately close the gel eyeliner after using it Keep your eyeliners close to your daily makeup area for quick easy access Don't buy colors that you are not use to using. You can always use a color pencil or eye shadows as a substitute  Spanish: Hola les cuento que esta semana estuve limpiando, organizando y remodelando mi oficina/estudio. Mientras limpiaba encontré  todos estos delineadores en gel completamente secos, incluyendo algunos que nunca había usad