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Maquillaje de Boda * El look que use en mi Matrimonio

Siguiendo el tema de Bodas aquí les dejo un video donde recree el look que utilice el día de mi matrimonio.  Es un smokey romántico y no muy dramático, perfecto para aquella novia que se atreve a lucir glamorosa y elegante. 
***** Para ver fotos de mi Boda : Haz Click Aqui *****

Productos utilizados:
*Rostro: Makeup Primer: Reviva LabsPaleta de correctores: Gabriel ProductionsBase de Makeup Forever HD # 128Delineador de cejas de Maybelline en Dark BrownMineralized Skin Finish de MAC en Dark (contorno)Milani Illuminating Face Powder: Amber Nectar & Hermosa RoseMAC Mineralized Blush: Gleeful *Ojos: Urban Decay Primer PotionMAC paint pot: Groundwork ELF eyebrow lifter and fillerSombra de NYX: TaupeSombra de MAC Prolong: One to WatchSombra de NYX: Dark BrownSombra de NYX: BlackSombras de Urban Decay: Sin & VirginDelineador en gel de Essence *Labios: Delineador de labios de ULTA: FleshLabial de Estee Lauder: Nectarine

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Beauty by Cat April Wedding! @ The Woman's Club of Winter Park

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today I bring you an very special entry for me, the summary and photos of my wedding day. A day filled with happiness, emotions and fun!  ______________________ Español: Hola Feliz Miércoles!  Hoy les traigo una entrada muy especial para mí, el resumen y las fotos del día de mi matrimonio.  Un día lleno de alegrías, emociones, y mucha diversión!  

My little Niece **** Mi sobrinita
The day began at a hotel suite where my bridesmaids and I got together to get ready. One of our friends brought us some breakfast and mimosas to celebrate. We chatted, listened to music, and because it was early, I did the makeup for a one of my bridesmaids.
Following my schedule, I started doing my makeup at noon. During that time, I was very relaxed and concentrated. Afterwards, the hairstylist arrived and began on my hair. I have to give a lot of credit to Zulay of EllaGata for helping with applying makeup to some of the bridesmaids and my grandmothers.
__________________________ Españo…

Neiman Marcus Beauty Blogger Breakfast

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a great event with the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, thanks to Steph fromImperfectly Painted and Neiman Marcus. 

We were invited to have breakfast and learn about some selected beauty brands, their latest collection and get information from their representatives.

After enjoying breakfast, we were separated into groups and placed in different stations were the brand representatives were ready to go. 

Lancome Genifique Serum promises to give you results in only seven days! 

Cool Facts about Kiehls: Kiehl’s have been in business since 1851, and were developed in the USA.They have a full line for woman, men, kids, dogs, and even an equestrian line!All their products are under $100.00 Can't wait to try their Midnight recovery concentrate, it regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for a smoother, healthier skin! Will let you know how I like it in a later post. 
YSL Touche Eclat is a brightening concealer. Now in 12 different shad…

Yellow Ruffles #OOTD

I'm so excited to show you my latest acquisition: an A line short skirt! You have no idea how long I have been hunting for one, this style suits my figure really well so I'm pretty much always on the lookout for a this model of skirt. (other ones I have: here, here
I'm delighted that I found one that is a neutral color and that the print is not too crazy; I like it like this way because I'm not in stores often so I look for pieces that surpass current fashions. 
The first time I wore my new skirt I decided to pair it with a bright yellow shirt, this gave me a pop of color and the ruffles provided a feminine and chic touch.  
Español: Estoy tan emocionada de mostrarles mi nueva adquisición: Una falda corta tipo A!  No saben el  tiempo que tenía en la búsqueda de una falda de este modelo, son las que me quedan mejor a mi cuerpo así que siempre ando buscándolas. ( otras que tengo: aqui, y aqui
Quede encantada que la encontré en un …

My Weekend Nails: Purple Gradient - Ombre Nails

Inspired by: Chloe's Nails
* Nail polishes used from darkest to lightest * Pinturas de Uñas de mas oscuras a mas clara:

Milani: Deep ThoughtsSation: Violet BlueMilani High Speed Fast Dry: Violet DashCult Nails: Charming Last weekend Nails: Bettina with Del Sol Polishes
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Beauty by Cat Office/ Makeup Studio

Hi, today I present to you the Beauty by Cat Office/ Studio, my little space where I work with clients, record videos, play with makeup, write the blog, edit videos, etc... 

The way you see the office now, is the result of a small remodeling a month ago; where I got rid of all the plastic drawers and replaced them with wood drawers from my favorite place, Ikea! *Hint: Ikea Alex!*
The remodeling won't stop here, I still want to add some cool makeup from my work around the office as well as other black and white decorations. 
I will let the pictures speak for themselves, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments.  ____________________________ Español
Hola, hoy les presento el Beauty by Cat Estudio/Oficina, mi lugarcito donde trabajo con clientes, grabo videos, juego con maquillaje, escribo el blog, edito los video, etc..
Como lo ven ahora es el resultado de una pequeña remodelación hace un mes, donde elimine todos los gaveteros de plástico y los remplace con muebles de m…

Cult Nails 'Cult Fairy Tale Collection" Available June 15th

Cult Nails is releasing their Cult Fairy Tale Collection this Friday June 15th!!!
I came in contact with this indie nail polish brand for the first time at the March Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meeting. On that day, I met Cult owner Maria Morrison, a very nice and chic lady. Soon I found out that this brand is very well known around nail polish enthusiasts, that the polish is free of many harmful chemicals, and that by purchasing it I will be supporting a local business; how awesome?  That day I received some beautiful glitters: Seduction and Captivated which I have been trying since and I love! 
Just last month I had the pleasure to receive their newest color collection as a sponsored item from our last meetup. I was so happy and could not wait to try them,  it's called "Cult Fairy Tale Collection"; a spring collection inspired by classic fairy tales with pastels, a glitter and even a gorgeous classic red!
Check it out!   ______________________________________________ Es…

Nuevos Labiales de Primavera de Milani Cosmetics

For English please Click Here
Hola chicas, hoy les traigo los nuevos tonos primavera/verano de los  labiales Color Perfect Lipstick de la marca Milani. La compañía lanzo tres nuevos tonos rosados, dos nuevos rojos, y dos tonos más oscuros. Tuve la oportunidad de probarlos todos, y me han dejado una buena impresión. Debajo verán el swatch de todos los tonos, los pros y contra y mis favoritos marcados con un corazoncito.

Pros: Tienes más de 30 tonos para escoger El labial es cremoso pero no se riega afuera de las líneas de los labiosSon bastante pigmentados, hasta los tonos claritos cubrieron mis labios que son naturalmente oscuros. La forma puntiaguda del labial ayuda a una mejor aplicación, especialmente para aquellas de labios pequeños.La tapa se encaja en lugar con un poco de presión,  esto disminuye el riesgo de que se abra en una cartera o en una bolsa de maquillaje.Su Precio: US$4.99. 
Con's: El olor! algo difícil de describir , pero es mas o menos dulce e intenso a la m…

New Spring Lipsticks Shades by Milani Cosmetics

Para leer en Español da click aquí. 
Hi everyone! Let me tell you about the new shades of the Color Perfect Lipsticks from Milani Cosmetics.  This is my first time trying them and I'm quite happy about their quality.

Milani came out with three new pink shades, two new reds and two new darker tones. You can find my favorites marked with a heart in the photos below. 

Pros: Over 30 shades to choose from The lipstick is very creamy but does not run outside your lip-line. Very pigmented, even the light shades cover my naturally dark lips. The pointy shape of the product might help for a better application for those who have small lips.The lid of the lipstick snaps in place, lowering the chances of the product to opening and possibly making a mess in a purse or makeup bag.Price: $4.99  Cons: The smell! I can't describe it very well but it's kind of a intense fruity smell. The good thing is that it fades away when the product is applied. Because of its lasting properties, you start fe…