Friday, June 8, 2012

New Spring Lipsticks Shades by Milani Cosmetics

Hi everyone! Let me tell you about the new shades of the Color Perfect Lipsticks from Milani Cosmetics.  This is my first time trying them and I'm quite happy about their quality.

Milani came out with three new pink shades, two new reds and two new darker tones. You can find my favorites marked with a heart in the photos below. 

  • Over 30 shades to choose from
  • The lipstick is very creamy but does not run outside your lip-line. 
  • Very pigmented, even the light shades cover my naturally dark lips. 
  • The pointy shape of the product might help for a better application for those who have small lips.
  • The lid of the lipstick snaps in place, lowering the chances of the product to opening and possibly making a mess in a purse or makeup bag.
  • Price: $4.99  
  • The smell! I can't describe it very well but it's kind of a intense fruity smell. The good thing is that it fades away when the product is applied. 
  • Because of its lasting properties, you start feeling a little dry after a while. Avoid this by applying lip-gloss or lip balm on top. 
My Lips! 

I love my reds and have tons of shades, but have always been looking for the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone, and I'm pretty sure I found it with Nude Creme. I'm really enjoying using that color. 

What shades do you like the best? Pink, Reds or Golds?  

Check out Milani Cosmetics website to see the rest of their line:

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