Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nuance Salma Hayek: Foaming Face Wash Review

Hi everyone! Today I bring you a review for Nuance Foaming Face Wash.  

The Beauty line Nuance was created by the Mexican actress Salma Hayek:  
"My line is inspired by my grandmother, who dedicated her life to keeping women beautiful. My products are designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty, and make my grandmother proud." - from
Her products are full of natural ingredients, and are paraben free, a big plus! Who wants paraben or artificial ingredients on their face anyway?! Not me!

This brand can be found exclusively at CVS pharmacies or online at Nuance's product line includes skin, hair and body care products as well as makeup. I haven't had a chance to try many of their products yet, but I did get a chance to use the Foaming Face Wash and have been using it for quite some time, here's some info on it and what I think about the product:

  • Products contains 3fl oz
  • Price: $12.99 (exclusively sold at CVS pharmacies)
  • Made with mimosa, blue agave, camapu; prickly pear extract. 
  • Paraben Free / Gluten Free
  • Not tested on Animals   (•‿•)
The wash is liquidy, and you have to make sure you shake this product before each use (exactly what I didn't do on my first try). I made the mistake of just pumping it out of the bottle and it didn't work to well. Then I decided to read the instructions and noticed my mistake. 

Shaking the bottle causes the Foaming Face Wash to become a very light iridescent blue color. The liquid lathers really well, and feels nice and light on the skin. Leave it for moment on your skin so that the oxygen foam works into the skin and breaks down the dirt. But be aware to make it work well you need to shake the bottle first, so don't forget!

I really like the natural scent of the face wash; nothing artificial or too strong. My skin type is "combination" and I haven't had any skin irritation or breakouts from using it. The face wash claims to be Non-Comedogenic so there shouldn't be any issues with any skin types.

I will definitively buy this face wash again, I feel it's a nice one to have for summer when I don't usually use a lot of makeup (What?!?!). It removes what I do use and leaves my skin so fresh and so clean...clean. 

Thanks so much for reading 

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  1. wow no sabía que Salma ya tuviera línea de belleza, ..tienes más reviews de sus productos??? que buena pinta. GRACIAS!! una pena q ya no lo hagas en Español. BESOS!

  2. Linda en la primera linea esta el link para irlo a leer en Español... Tengo dos diferentes articulos. Me dejas comentario cuando lo revises para ver que tal te parecio.