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New Fergie & Wet n Wild: Centerstage Collection!

Have you guys seen this? It's the new Wet n Wild & Fergie Collection called: Centerstage Collection!I saw this at my local Walgreens and I had to let you know about it!
What caught my attention the most was the Shimmer Palettes, the beautiful colors of shadows and of course the lipsticks.
Español Ya vieron esto? Es la nueva Colección de Fergie & Wet n Wild llamada: Centerstage Collection!  La vi en mi Walgreens  local ayer y ya rápido les tenía que dejar saber!   Lo que más me llamo la atención fueron las paletas brillantes, los colores súper lindos de las paletas de sombras y por supuesto los labiales. 

I could not resist but to buy a few items immediately, you know a lot of times when Wet n Wild comes out with a new Collection they run out quickly and I have to run around to find the ones I want. So I purchased one of the Shimmer Palettes and a lipstick. I don't really have a review ye…

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tart: Trollop

So who has never hear of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics? If you say no, then let me introduce you to this 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetic company
I want to start off by showing you one of their most famous products: TheLip Tart, a liquid lipstick with incredible pigmentation and a semi-matte finish.

Details and my opinions in the list bellow: 
The color Trollop is describe on their site as : True Cranberry Pink but I see it more as a bright pink. What do you think? You only need a drop of this product to cover your whole lips, if you use to much the product can bleed outside your lip line. The semi-matte finish is excellent, given the fact that is not completely dry it stays creamy and hydrated on the lips. You will need a lip brush to apply the products because it does not come with an applicator. The liptart has a curious smell of mint and herbs (at least my) Sometime the product separates and you need to shake it. Price: $16.00 on their website

Español  Díganme quien nu…

Top 10 Productos de Belleza a Bajo Precio!

Hola hoy les tengo un video en Español con mi Tops 10 Productos de Belleza a Bajo Precio que puedes conseguir aqui en USA. Este video lo hice en colaboracion con dos amigas gurus, Zami de Fashion Geeksta y Alejandra de Gayetita91213. Cada una haciendo versiones de productos que se pueden conseguir en sus nuestros paises, incluyendo USA, Mexico y Venezuela.


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