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Super Playboy Fragance for Her & Him - Gift Idea!

Para  Español  desplaza hacia abajo Hi everyone! With the holidays and gift buying time coming up what about a fragrance review? I received this Super Playboy fragrances for women and men a couple of weeks ago and  me and my husband have been testing them ever since. Below I give you our overall experience about both perfumes: Super Playboy for Her: Sweet smell and a bit floral  Soft smell that can be used for day or night  Smell stays on skin for hours but you can't smell it far away; meaning someone needs to be very close to your skin to smell it, this is after the first hour.   Cute packaging but not too elegant Contains 1.0 fl oz  Will Recommend for someone young that like sweet smells:   Super Playboy 2 Piece Gift Set Super Playboy for Him:   Sweet, citric and sporty smell. Very Sexy Smell stays on the skin for over 8 hours  Good for day and night but not so good for an office in my opinion  Simple packaging, a little more elegant than the woman'