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My Experience: T-Secret Spa Facial. Orlando

A month ago i was given the opportunity to check out a local Spa in Orlando called T-Secret . I  had the pleasure to be worked on by the lovely esthetician Jane Johnson, who I have to say gave me the most deep, thorough facial I've ever had in my life! I’d like to give you a quick run through and review of my experience! T-Secret is a spa that operates on one philosophy: “ Problematic skin can look better with the use of Acne-care natural treatment products in combination with our signature Tamahra’s Secret Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment protocols”. The menu only has one facial on the menu but it is a facial that you will never forget. The facial is more a treatment than the relaxing facial you are probably accustomed to, but if you want results, then you need to keep reading. The spa is located in the heart of College Park on Edgewater Drive . When you arrive your esthetician will guide you to a room in the back of the building where you will be provide

Beauty of Spring – La Belleza de la Primavera

         This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with #NeutrogenaBelleza #LatinaBloggers Connect      All opinions are 100% my own #NeutrogenaBelleza Para  Español  desplaza hacia abajo ✐  Oh Spring! H ow I missed you! Even though you will be short lived, I want to let you know that you are my favorite season of the year. The chilly days are gone and now I get to enjoy your sunny days with little to no humidity (basically heaven!) I love you Spring so much that two years ago I got marr ied  in the month of April in which you so kindly gave us a perfect day!   But for real, beside the no humidity aspect of Spring, I truly love all the trends that start popping out in stores around this time; flowers, light fabrics, dresses and pastel colors. Have you heard of the Pantone's color of the year? Radiant Orchid . Yes, love it! Speaking about radiant, what about our skin? Since I'm planning to be outside more I'll be using my Neutrogena Nourishing Long W

Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick Review & Giveaway!

(Product was sent for review consideration, I am not being compensated. All opinions are my own)  Para  Español  desplaza hacia abajo ✐  Does this ever happen to you? You have a product that you like for the most part, you use it and then you abandon it… later you re-discover it and all of the sudden now you love it!  Well that’s exactly what happened to me with the Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick . This Vitamin E stick protects your lips and eyes contains the healing power of Vitamin E and Sun protection SPF 15. It’s colorless so it can be used under or on top of your lipstick; and it’s also excellent protection for the under-eye area.  Good for both men and women. I use it most of the time at night; I keep a stick in my bathroom and instead of applying an eye cream I use it around my eyes before I go to bed. Yep and let me tell you, using it in this way has made me totally fall in love with it!  It’s so easy to apply, nice and creamy. It made the area around my eyes