Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Experience: T-Secret Spa Facial. Orlando

A month ago i was given the opportunity to check out a local Spa in Orlando called T-Secret. I  had the pleasure to be worked on by the lovely esthetician Jane Johnson, who I have to say gave me the most deep, thorough facial I've ever had in my life! I’d like to give you a quick run through and review of my experience!

T-Secret is a spa that operates on one philosophy: “Problematic skin can look better with the use of Acne-care natural treatment products in combination with our signature Tamahra’s Secret Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment protocols”. The menu only has one facial on the menu but it is a facial that you will never forget. The facial is more a treatment than the relaxing facial you are probably accustomed to, but if you want results, then you need to keep reading.

The spa is located in the heart of College Park on Edgewater Drive. When you arrive your esthetician will guide you to a room in the back of the building where you will be provided with a gown, warm socks and a nice comfy reclining chair. From there you ready to get started!

First up, cleaning and prepping where they use only alkaline water to minimize the presence of bacteria. Then all of the products used are manufactured at a local lab containing no chemicals, preservatives, colors or fragrances. I liked that there was not big splash of water or shuffling of products, Jane has the system so down pack that the process felt very fluent and smooth.

After the cleaning and prepping comes the steaming! You go through steaming for about 20 minutes (three seven minute sessions) this is done the old fashion way, boiling water over a bucket and a towel over your head. I must say that I was surprised when Jane pulled out the little cart with the bucket, but after it was all finished I truly understood why she did it. You get all of your face and neck steamed with no cold spots that could close up pores as with a regular machine steaming. Jane also helped me adjust my body and position so that I could get comfortable during the process.

Next up, the biggie: Extractions! T-Secret prides themselves for being great at extractions, and I can say, “yes they are!” Jane had covered my skin with a gel prior to steaming and then right after she covered me with saran wrap to help keep my skin moist and pores open. I love that she didn’t use a metal extraction tool and was gentle, but firm with my face.

After the extractions, there are a series of simply amazing products layered onto your skin for masking, all made to especially calm and soothe the skin. I was able to feel how everything Jane placed on my skin was working together and I can imagine if you deal with frequent breakouts on your face that this part is going to feel like heaven! after masking, your get clean moisturized and are all done!

This is my skin after one month of having the T Secret signature facial, and I have to tell you that this treatment cleaned my skin amazingly! I've felt like all of my skin products are actually working now that my pores have been cleansed so thoroughly. The picture shows me with zero, yes zero makeup on! And as you can see in my after, my skin looks radiant and smoother. This treatment is totally worth it!

To all my fabulous readers Jane has a special offer for you when you call and book with her. This 2 hour facial for only $100.00.  Just mention that you read about it here at Beauty by Cat Blog.

Please check out the links below to read more about T-Secret, see photos of skin transformations and get their fabulous line of natural products.


  1. Very nice, I'm going to recommend this to Lisy.

  2. I've never had a facial before because I've always been afraid to get it done. My face is like one giant black head that I can't get rid of! I LOVE how your skin looked! Just wow!