Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top 10 must see-get at The Makeup Show Orlando 2014

The Makeup Show Orlando 2014 is coming in just a over a week! This is their third year here in the City Beautiful, and I couldn't be more excited. The Makeup Show brings so much more than just amazing products, it brings a load of education on all beauty. From keynotes, hands-on workshops, seminars and presentations there is no way you will leave without learning, networking and shopping the hottest must have pro-products in our industry.

The makeup Show welcomes Makeup Artists,Hair Stylists, Face & Body Painters, Photographers, Models, Stylists, Costume & Theater Design, Beauty, Fashion and Hair Students, And…Anyone in the Beauty, Hair, Nail and Fashion Industry!

So with that in mind, I want to give you a little insight of what I consider the must-see booths for this show. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion and there are many more companies and products to see but if you are new, or just need to start somewhere with recommendations then  this is your place to start.

Top 10 must see products at The Makeup Show Orlando 2014

  • Hakuhodo Brushes 

I was so excited when I saw this name on the list of vendors, as a proclaimed "makeup brush addict" this is a booth I'm going to spend a lot of time at. Hakuhodo Brushes are all handmade in Japan, and they are known to be the softest, well balanced and high quality brushes around. I have read a lot about them but have never actually ventured on purchasing one online, since the price point is on the higher side. Like I said before, this booth is a must see, touch and purchase on my book. 

  • Senna Cosmetics

Senna Cosmetics is like a hidden gem, known mostly in the professional community; they have a range of wonderful cosmetics that are a must try. I have my eyes on their eyebrow book, face sculpting powders and Slipcover foundations all made in perfect palettes to suit a professional kit. Stop by say "Hi" and don't miss the seminar and keynotes that owner Eugenia Weston will be giving  throughout the show. 

Senna Brow Book

  • Nigel Beauty Emporium

An actual store located in Hollywood, California. Nigel bring a selection of products from their store, and from previous years experience in their booth they focus on selling lashes, makeup trunks and makeup bags. This is a busy booth, but if you are a working makeup artist is totally worth it!

Can't go wrong on stocking on lashes for your clients! 

  • AJ Crimson 
Created by Makeup artist AJ Crimson, his line focuses mostly on products for complexion. Recently releasing his new gamma of cream foundations in pan, as well as five new shades. This foundations can be use in all skin types and are very blendable with one another. I already have 3 shades in the regular pot, but I will be looking to add some new shades in pan size as well as his highlighter cream. 
Stop by the Frends Beauty Supply booth to find this products

  • Makeup Forever
Being one of the main sponsors, you will not miss the Makeup Forever booth. It's mostly the busiest and biggest one of the whole show, and there is more than enough reason for it. A leading makeup company of professional quality products, they have all you can think of and more. Make sure you check out the deal bundles they have only for the show, savings on top on savings people.
Don't miss it! 
  • Bdellium Tools
  Bdellium is a line that I've experienced before, read more about it here Studio Line and here Green Bambu Line. These brushes will surprise you, they are antibacterial, soft, and the green bambu line is perfect for those who prefer synthetic hair over natural. Did I mention affordable and super pretty? Yes, they even have some pink ones! 
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

Famously known for their liptarts, OCC offers way more than that. Check out their water base airbrush foundation as well as their concealers. All 100% vegan and cruelty free!

  • Temptu Pro 
If you work doing bridal work like I do, there is no better airbrush makeup than Temptu Pro for long lasting results on any client. This silicone based foundation does not move and can withstand the Florida humidity like a champ! Of course I'm totally bias because this is been in my kit since I started airbrushing and I have not ventured out to other ones (which I'm thinking of doing with some OCC)  I will recommend you try their sample package that includes all the colors and experience how awesome this product is! They also sell the compressors, accessories and much to use with airbrushing. Plus they have some amazing artist working at their booth that can answer any airbrushing question that you might have. 


This last two companies, I don't know much about and/or have never tried them. But I just I hear so much about their products that they made the list! 

  • Gleam by Melanie Mills 
Seriously heard tons about this brand and their face and body highlighters! I want to see, touch and feel what they are about. Must stop by...

  • Ellis Faas 

Only the coolest looking packaging ever right?! All looking like tall bullets, I actually tried one of their mascaras last year and it was amazing. I'll invited you to stop by and check them out, I feel like I miss out on so much by not stopping at their booth last year so this year is a must stop for sure! 

Again they are sooo many other brands that will be on the show that this is only a sample of the best. Please let me know in the comments what brands are You excited to see in this year Makeup Show Orlando? 

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  1. I'm getting excited! I have to stop by Ellis Faas and buy another Ellis red lipstick. I always get the most compliments when I wear it!

  2. Great! Share how do you have this idea? Can you share me the best Makeup Products?