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March Favorites 2015 ♥ Products, Youtubers , Apps!

Hi everyone, in this Spanish video I talk about my March favorites and what I like about them. Bellow I will give you a quick review of each product and non-beauty favorite.  Suave Shampoo and Conditioner: This incredible affordable duo does wonders with my hair. It keeps it soft, and clean for 2 days! Much better than all the expensive products I had been using, for me this are a keeper.  Ofra Makeup Fixer:  A Makeup fixer that truly works, I tried it in days where I was up at 6am and came home at 11pm and my makeup will stay put and will not have move all over. For the price, for the fact that this is a USA made product, that can work with any skin type and because it works amazing. I can say You Need this in your life!!!  Ofra Silicone Makeup Primer Gel:  Another amazing Ofra Cosmetics product! Gel base face primer, it feels like fresh water in your face, it absorbs super quickly and it leaves your skin nicely hydrated. Can't recommend it enough!  Bdellium

Best Makeup Brush Cleanser- MAC vs Cinema Secret "The Showdown"

Makeup Brush Cleanser . MAC & Cinema Secret  Best Makeup Brush Cleanser- MAC vs Cinema Secret "The Showdown"   On this video I demo both of the makeup brush cleansers and show you which one worked the best. After the demo I do a quick review of each one, but this part is in spanish, but don't worry, watch the beggining becuase the demo tells you everything!   ❀ ➸ El Mejor Limpiador de Brochas de Maquillaje! MAC vs Cinema Secret ★ El Cara a Cara ★ El Cara a Cara de limpiador de brochas de maquillaje!!! Ve el Demo para darte cuenta de el ganador!!!  Donde Comprar / Where to buy: MAC Brush Cleanser: Cinema Secret Brush Cleaner : VIDEO FACEBOOK  *  INSTAGRAM  *  TWITTER